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Excellent 106fc Automatic Foil Stamping &Die-Cutting Machine

Advanced model of TYM-1060H
  • Excellent 106fc

Feeding Unit
Equipped with electrostatic eliminator, can effectively eliminate the static electricity, make the paper running smoothly, and prevent the double sheet.
Equipped with the electrical adjusting device for the paper feeding table, which makes the adjustment of the paper pile more convenient.
The primary paper feeding device add the variable frequency stabilization system, which make the paper pile’s up and down more stable, and can effectively prevent the double sheet.
Equipped with the German imported stainless steel decorative plate and Swiss imported feeding belt, cab effectively prevent the static electricity, makes the paper feeding more stable.
Equipped with the blowing device and paper feeding speed change mechanism, which makes the positioning of thin paper more stable, and more accurate working precision.
Equipped with the most advanced feeder, convenient for adjusting. And equipped with the BECKER pump, which makes the whole paper feeding system running more stable.
Die-cutting Unit
Equipped with the Siemens main motor and Siemens frequency converter, transmitted torque is big and response is fast. Equipped with YUYIN special worm and worm gear drivelubrication system and optimization platform structure, which makes the machine pressure more stable, and can withstand the big pressure.
Add the pressure detecting system, realize the pressure in display in real time. With the overpressure protection device can effectively protect the machine.
The steel plate is equipped with the longitudinal and lateral micro adjusting device, equipped with the center positioning 4mm hard plate or 3+1mm sandwich plate, ±0.9mm longitudinal and lateral micro adjusting device, which makes the plate adjusting more convenient and fast, shorten the plate changing time, improving the production efficiency.
The gripper chain adopt the customized chain, the tensile strength increased by 80%, which makes the working precision more stable and durable.
The front lay adjusting device adopt electronic hand wheel system, which makes the adjusting more convenient and accurate.
Foil-stamping Unit
The lateral foil-stamping adopt synchronous transmission structure, which more suitable for the high speed big skip working.
The longitudinal foil collecting adopt inside and outside two different kinds of structure, which makes the longitudinal foil running more convenient, add the outside rewinding system, effectively improve the stability of foil running, improving the working efficiency.
The foil-stamping system is controlled by the motion controller, combined with the advanced automatic skip arithmetic, can save the foil greatly. 12 high-power heating zone adopt advanced PID arithmetic, and heating zone can be controlled separately. When doing small size foil-stamping work, some heating zone which do not use can be closed to save the energy and saving the machine running cost.
Delivery Unit
Equipped with the fan pressure system and air blowing device, which make the processing of thin paper more smoothly.
Equipped with the pneumatic paper aligning structure, which makes adjusting of paper delivery more convenient and flexible.
Paper deceleration adopt servo type brush structure. The adjusting of the brush is more convenient, and paper deceleration is more obviously.
Equipped with the vice automatic paper delivery device, which makes the paper delivery more convenient.
The paper size adjusting adopt servo adjusting system, which is more convenient.
Electrical Unit
The whole machine pass the German Ryan CE safety certification, equipped with high-grade security module, reached level 4 security protection grade, using the advanced algorithms, execution speed, stable work.
The machine adopt 17 inch and 11 inch industrial computer monitoring and control system. The data exchange is more detailed and complete.
The main control parts adopt Siemens electrical components, the system operation is more stable.


Max. Sheet Size 1060 x760mm
Min. Sheet Size 400 X 370mm
Max. Die-Cutting Size 1050 x750mm
Max. Foil Stamping Size Longitudinal:1040x730mm  
Max. Die-Cutting Speed 7500s/h
Max. Stamping Speed 6500s/h
Max. Pressure 300T
Max. Foil Diameter Φ195mm/3" Φ100mm/1"
Max. Feeding Pile 1400mm
Max. Delivery Pile 1150mm
Sheet Thickness Corrugated Paper≤ 4mm  
Cardboard0.1-1 .5mm
Net Weight 20T
Total Power 46.5kw
Quantity Of Heating Area 12
Die-cutting Precision ±0.1mm
Overall Dimension 5973X5467X2515mm

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