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LQC330R Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

  • LQC330R
Rapid replacement of different cutting images by computer, not only meets the personalized demands, Jut suits for short run (digital ) printing jobs and post-press processing of large format imposition printing jobs.
High Precision
Automatic laser cutting and engraving guarantee zero vibration deviation, optical tracking system is also adopted ensure positioning accuracy.
High Efficient
To replace and upgrade traditional mechanical die cutting by laser cutting, save the time for producing and adjusting of traditional cutting dies.
Affordable Cost
Model to cut graphics and characters arbitrarily is controlled by computer, mechanical cutting die is not required, operation and maintenance cost is less
Mechanical Part
1. Rolling feeding platform
2. Using imported deviation correcting device
3. Automatic tension control ensure more stable and reliable tape running.
4. Equipped with laminating, slitting, waste discharging function
Optical part
1. Using advanced laser with stable performance, convenient and concise control
2. Three-dimensional dynamic focusing mode, uniform light path, processing area is large.
3. Using zinc selenide lens groups. not only the 10.6um carbon dioxide laser can pass through, but also the 650nm visible light, it helps to align and adjust the optical path much quicker.
Electrical and control part
1. Encoder is adopted to feed back movement information
2. High precision color code monitoring system ensures cutting accuracy
3. Software with simple and friendly interface, easy operations on the image position, laser power and other control actions.
Model LC330R
Design Type Roll to roll
Max. Roll Diameters 500mm
Max Sheet Size 330mm
Application Materials Self-adhesive paper, PET, PVC, Paper, Leather, Wood, PMMA, etc.
Light Source 10.6um CO, Laser
Laser Energy 180W
Positioning Accuracy ±0.10mm
Max. Scan Range 320mm
Cutting Speed 1-60m/min
Input File PLT,DXF
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 5-8Kw
Working Environment T20±2, RH40%-70%
Net Weight 1200Kg
Machine Dimension 3150x2250x1780 ( LxWxH )

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