Application of Superficial Fluid Equipment
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Application of Superficial Fluid Equipment

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The CO2 extraction process using supercritical fluid extraction equipment can decaffeinate coffee beans, de-cholesterol in dairy products, extract unsaturated fatty acids DHA/EPA from fish oil, extract active ingredients in hops, and extract food additives from natural plants, Food flavoring, food coloring, etc.


Supercritical carbon dioxide exhibits excellent solubility for low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons and low polarity lipophilic compounds such as alcohols, ethers, aldehydes and lactones. In the production of antibiotic drugs, it is very difficult to completely remove the solvent without deteriorating by traditional methods. The use of supercritical CO2 extraction process fully meets the requirements.

At present, many companies in the world have used the CO2 extraction process of supercritical fluid extraction equipment to extract various medical and health ingredients oil from sea buckthorn seeds, perilla seeds, flax seeds, grape seeds, wheat germ, tomato seeds, almonds, etc., and the traditional Chinese medicine Artemisia annua The antimalarial drug artemisinin extracted from CBD, CBD OIL extracted from cannabis, and soft phospholipids extracted from egg yolk have unique curative effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


The most widely used supercritical CO2 extraction process in fine chemicals is the extraction of natural spices, such as from Xuxianghua, spice plants such as osmanthus, jasmine, and chrysanthemum. Extract essence from lavender, rosemary, etc., extract agarwood essential oil from agarwood, extract essential oil from plant seed kernels, extract spices from pepper, cinnamon, mint, etc.