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The Advantages of Automatic Foil Stamping and Die-Cutting Machine

1. Our factory was established in 1958. In 1978, we manufactured the first Automatic Diecutting & Creasing Machine in China. In 1994, we  manufactured the first Automatic Foil Stamping & Die-cutting Machine.

2. There are almost 2000 sets of Auto Diecutting & Creasing and Auto Foil Stamping & Die-cutting machines running well in local and oversea market since 1988. 

3. The products have been exported to near 40 countries, for example, only in Korea, we already exported about 200sets of this kind of machines and most is TYM1020H and TYM1050H Automatic Foil Stamping & Die-cutting Machine up to now. 

4. Good design, high quality and durability etc make our machines enjoy very good reputation in the market. For your information, some of our machines had been exported to France and Mexico etc before 1998, now still running very well and have been resold to the customers in Eastern Europe. 

5. Good technology and high skilled engineer. For all of our machine, our engineer will use one week for the bearing shoe grinding on the warm shaft and warm gear, which is the most important part for the automatic foil-stamping and die-cutting machine. After the grinding, the shaft will be very smoothly during the machine running, which increase the machine running stationarity and the machine using life. Now we can say, most of the factory do not have engineer has this skill, but our engineer can.

6. X ray detection, for the casting board of the machine, we will do the X ray detecting, to ensure our machine is the 100% quality on. If the detection report shows there are crack inside, we will change the new board. For other factory, most of factory will not do this X ray detection to save the cost and increase the production time.

7. Very good service after sales and excellent relationship with our partners and customers. We will give you the feedback for the after-sales service at any time.

8. We can make special design and improvement of our machine according to customer's request.