Chemical Reaction of Superficial Fluid Equipment
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Chemical Reaction of Superficial Fluid Equipment

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In the experiment of enzyme catalyzed reaction using supercritical fluid equipment, it is found that supercritical carbon dioxide fluid as solvent can promote the enzyme catalyzed reaction. And the enzyme is insoluble in supercritical carbon dioxide, and the separation and recovery of the enzyme is easy.


The hydrogenation reaction mainly refers to the hydrogenation reaction of CO2 and CO. Supercritical fluid is not only a reaction medium, but also a reactant, which has great value.


As long as the oxidation reaction refers to the oxidation reaction that occurs in supercritical water, the reaction utilizes the supercritical water’s super-dissolving ability to oxygen and organic matter to oxidize organic matter into water, CO2, nitrogen and salt in a short time under homogeneous conditions. and other non-toxic small molecule compounds. The supercritical water oxidation technology of supercritical fluid equipment is efficient and thorough (the removal rate of toxic substances is as high as 99.99% or more under appropriate conditions), the reaction speed is fast, the residence time is short, the structure of the reaction equipment is simple, and the scope of application is wide (applicable to various Toxic substances, waste water and waste treatment), no secondary pollution (clean products, easy separation of inorganic salts, and waste water can be completely recycled after treatment), etc.


The preparation of biodiesel by supercritical methanol is a new process for preparing biodiesel from vegetable oil, animal oil or waste oil. Compared with the chemical method, the methanol method of supercritical fluid equipment has many advantages in terms of reaction speed, requirements for raw materials and recovery of products. From the analysis of the cost and economic benefits of biodiesel, biodiesel is a non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable alternative fuel for engines.