Foil Stamping Skill
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Foil Stamping Skill

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The foil-stamping casts a high-quality metallic luster, which enriches the artistry and quality of the printed matter. Through hot stamping technology, the anodized aluminum foil can be hot-pressed on the surface of the material, so that the pattern and text show a strong metallic luster, the color is bright and eye-catching, and it will not fade.

Especially gold and silver anodized aluminum, through its solemn and elegant dazzling gorgeousness, can enhance the artistry of printed matter and complement the theme advertisement; at the same time, anodized aluminum itself has excellent physical and chemical properties, so the casting process of hot stamping foil is widely used It is used in high-end and exquisite packaging and decorative trademarks, calendars and book covers, and various printed matters; in addition, anodized aluminum can also protect printed matter, making it more quality and longer service life.

As a high-end decoration process, the emergence of hot stamping foil has opened a new door for the printing industry. Our casting equipment is capable of precisely thermally transferring hot lettering and beautifying it into a high-end product with a luxurious gloss finish. Whether it is in the sales promotion of products or to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers, the printed matter using hot-pressed foil can leave a deep and intuitive impression on people, and is widely used in various industries and fields. Our products can output high-quality anodized aluminum hot stamping foils, as well as gold and silver foils of various sizes and colors, which are widely used in various high-quality and high-quality printed matters by using hot-press casting technology, allowing consumers to Readers enjoy more, better and better print experience.

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