Future of CNC Bending Machine
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Future of CNC Bending Machine

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With the development of society, the increase of labor costs, and the continuous improvement of product requirements, many enterprises are constantly improving the performance and requirements of production equipment, and CNC bending machines, which are important production equipment for automated channel letter fabrication in the advertising industry, are also constantly developing.

High precision, high speed and high efficiency

Efficiency and accuracy are the key functional indicators of advanced 3D channel letter manufacturing technology, and are the main body of advanced production technology. If the use of high-speed bending servo system, supporting electric spindle, linear motor and other technologies can greatly improve the power, improve the quality and level of the product, shorten the production cycle and improve the competitiveness of the market.

In the next few years, the ultra-fine CNC bending machine is developing towards refinement, high speed, intelligence and nanotechnology, and is a new generation of automatic bending machine tools.

oftware humanization

In the near future, users can carry out secondary development of CNC bending machine system software according to their own needs, and the scope of application of users is no longer restricted by manufacturers, reflecting more humanized needs. Make the auto bending machine software really easy to understand and easy to operate.

Truly fully automated

Bending automation can solve the problem of insufficient personnel. It complements intelligent bending, but from the perspective of bending automation, the general-purpose bending system is only one of the cases.

The automatic channel letter bending machines are widely used in signs and outdoor large-scale three-dimensional advertising industries. For the production mode of small batches and multiple varieties in these industries, the use of general-purpose channel letter bending systems is still very limited. For example, many competitors in the same industry have many bugs by purchasing the general-purpose auto bending system of a software company, which is easy to be down.


The channel letter bending machine software from Varibend is independently developed and designed, which greatly reduces the problems of software crash and downtime. Of course, we know that there is still a long way to go, and we are committed to developing simpler and smarter software to continuously meet the needs of our valued customers. Make your channel letter fabrication easier and smarter.