How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?
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How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?

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How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?

Knowing the various options of tube benders available on the market is essential for a right choice!

We are going to give you some tips, so that you can choose the most suitable electric tube bending machine for your business.

It is important to mention that electric machines are the best technology solution, where we have incorporated the 3D software, fully conceived and designed “in-house” by the our team! We are talking about the most efficient and sustainable range in the world! Where quality, reliability and production optimization are unquestionable concepts.

There are countless sectors and countless possibilities for using curvature in our daily lives! From the automotive sector, through furniture or even in the aeronautical industry, where the equipment represents the highest technology in curvature, with low deformation and extraordinary results!

Within this endless range of possibilities for use, we can divide our machines into:

LR Series – The All Electric Right/Left CNC Tube Benders feature state-of-the-art bending technology, processing tubes from 5mm to 32mm outside diameter with multi-stack capability. Our LR Series machines, which automatically cycle into a right and left bend configuration when not using wiper die,  are ideal to bend tubes with smaller Diameter/Thickness ratios and bigger bending radii. An excellent bender option if you are looking for a fast, simple machine with optimized cycles and an excellent price/quality.

2 Bend Series – This range has, as its main feature, the change of curvature direction through a rotating head! It is capable of processing pipes from 5mm to 63mm outside diameter and has multi-stack capability. Our 2 Bend Series are defined as the excellence of bending, where quality control, versatility and production rigor are carefully studied and improved by our team. This range, unlike the LR, stands out for achieving a left/right bend in cycle, with wiper die support, allowing to perform bends with quality and precision in tubes with tighter bending radii and bigger Diameter/Thickness ratios. The 2 Bend is the ideal partner for bending the most complex forms.

For making a decision, the key is to seek advice with the right team! AMOB develops, designs, produces, markets and provides technical assistance! The perfect symbiosis when it comes to the world of tube bending.