Main Parts of a Tube Bending Machine
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Main Parts of a Tube Bending Machine

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Tube bending machines, commonly called tube benders, come in a lot of variety.  Predominantly, they work electromechanically. Thanks to the latest technological developments, these machines are capable of accelerating production and improving repeatability. At the same time they are reducing the number of errors in production at every scale.The main parts of a tube bending machine are: Bend die, Clamp die, Pressure die, Wiper die, Mandrel.

Bend Die

The bend die, also known as the bend form or the radius die, is the most important part of a rotary-draw bending machine. The tube clamps to the bend die and the drawing process produces the necessary bend. The selection of die is very important, as the tube’s inside radius depends on it.

Clamp Die

The clamp die presses the tube onto the bend die. Its main purpose is to prevent the pipe from slipping.

Pressure Die

The pressure die makes sure the tube follows the bend die’s contour.

Wiper Die

A wiper die places just after the bend die. The purpose is to avoid the formation of any humps on the inside radius.

During the forming process, the material turns plastic during bending. It may result in wrinkles with large deformations. Thus, adding a wiper die just after the bend die helps to smooth the surface.


In bending steel and aluminium tubes, a mandrel is necessary for more difficult jobs. Bending a small radius, thin tubes or harder materials can result in an unsatisfactory outcome. In those cases, a mandrel can be handy. The mandrel’s objective is keeping the tube from collapsing.