The CNC Pipe Bender Production
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The CNC Pipe Bender Production

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Full Production video of one of the biggest CNC pipe bender machine in the world!

We know that in our market there are very few companies that have all the development, design and production of their machines all within their facilities.

We are one of those companies and we are extremely proud of it! Even when it comes to the biggest tube and pipe bending machines in the world!

With this, we achieve faster production, choosing the best raw materials, customized solutions, quality control.

Our CNC Pipe Bending Machine CH series is the backbone of our tube and profile bending machines. Their rigidity, stability and untouchable precision in exceptional conditions such as humidity or harsh temperatures is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Ranging from 6mm up to 420mm OD these pipe bending machines are adapt for use in a wide range of pipe manufacturing sectors and industries.

The range includes the fully CNC pipe bender version, for wich all three axis are automatic in a single stack machine. There’s also the option to add welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading and unloading systems if necessary.

The tube bending machine come equipped with the touchscreen easy-to-operate controls, or in the CNC version, the latest user-friendly 3D bending software.

So, this stores tooling configuration, allows spring-back compensation and boasts anti-collision technology, amongst other features.

These multi-faceted models are easy to operate and suitable for almost all types of applications and industries.

CH Series | CNC Tube Bending:

Quick tool changing: In order to reduce setup times, all CH-HD machines feature quick tool changing.

Rear and front tube loading system: Integrated loading/unloading systems can also be added.

Motorised tool adjustment: CH-HD models can be equipped with motorised tool adjustment.