What is bending machine?
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What is bending machine?

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Today, most bending only needs human assistance, not constant guidance. This is possible because of CNC bending machines.CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled. It is a term frequently used in manufacturing to describe machines that work with a programming software to perform their operations. Common CNC machines include lathes, drills and other machining tools.The operator uses the programming software to feed the data of the operation or operations required. Then the machine performs those operations automatically.CNC controlled tube bending machines usually use a combination of presses and rollers to guide the tubes and pipes along the process.In general, CNC bending is bending made more productive and efficient by using automation.

Vector Tube Bending Machine:

This forming machine is excellent for high quality results. The principle is similar to rotary draw bending. A pipe forms around a rotary draw, so it is very precise. But the automatic feeding system makes it also very fast. These machines are suitable for bending high strength materials.

Applications: aerospace and automotive industry.

Orbital Head Bending Machine:

Usually used with automation and computer controls, they provide the possibility to rotate the heads and collets around the tubes and pipes. This increases efficiency and productivity. Automated feeding and offloading are available.

Applications: air conditioning, automotive and other complex parts.

Induction Bending Machine:

With induction bending, a profile is drawn through a die. At the bending point, there is an induction coil. Thus, the metal heats up. Applying the pressure to a hot workpiece allows for energy-efficient bending.It is an accurate method that does not require mandrels. At the same time, a wide range of pipe sizes fit the same machine and a large variety of bend angles are available.

Applications: large industrial structural parts, short radius bends, heating system parts, thick-walled parts, etc.