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  • How about the quality of our machine?

    All of our machines are very durable, some of our machines were sold to France and Mexico before 1998. So far, they are still running well and have been resold to the customers in Eastern Europe.

  • How to ensure the quality of machine?

    For all castings used on the machine, we will do X-ray flaw detection to ensure that all used material are 100% high quality. Each machine has the QC checking steps with technician after the assembling. Before shipping the machine, we will long time empty running and production running testing to ensure the machine at perfect situation.

  • What is the unique technology in the machine?

    The core part of the machine -- the turbine and worm adopts the scraping tile technology. The operation of the turbine and worm will become smooth, increasing the stability of the machine operation and the service life of the machine. Meanwhile, we adopt the German technology and Japan technology on the gripper bar and chain system and other area, to improve the machine quality.

  • Can your factory do special design on machine for customer?

    Yes, We have the ability to do the special design or modification on the machine according to the request of customers to realize different function customer need. Like our TYM1300-H machine, it is specially designed for our Korean customer.

  • How About machine delivery time?

    In general, the delivery time of the ordinary equipment will be 30-60 days after receipt of the deposit. However, for the delivery time of the special or large scale equipment will be 60-90 days after receipt of payment.

You are here: Home » FAQ