What are advantages of tube laser cutting machine?
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What are advantages of tube laser cutting machine?

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The machines use the same mechanics as traditional laser cutters. This means that they also use an amplified laser beam for cutting. Both CO2 and state of the art fibre lasers are available, so the use of gases depends on the exact method. Yuyin’s manufacturing partners also have both options available.

It is important to keep in mind that some reflective materials are preferably cut using a fibre laser. Aluminium and stainless steel both require extra attention while mild steel achieves excellent quality also with CO2 cutting.

Selection of profiles – A laser tube cutting machine is suitable for a wide range of profiles – from box sections to pipes and channels. But they can perform the process on all kinds of profiles that fit the maximum and minimum outside dimension criteria. Only flat parts are out of the scope for these machines.

All materials – Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. They are all welcome. Although reflective materials have been more problematic for CO2 laser cutting, processing them with fibre lasers is much easier.

One operation – Using this process, you can do everything in one go – cut to length and make the necessary cutouts. No need for secondary operations or manual material removal.

Great precision – Our tube laser cutting machines provide extremely precise and clean cuts with a small cutting kerf. This eliminates the need for extra work on the tubes.

Lower cost – It is the preferred method for more complex jobs. The ability to produce everything in one go without any extra work keeps the costs down. The cutting speed of lasers makes processing quick, resulting in faster turnaround times.

Aesthetical solutions – The great flexibility allows developing innovative designs. Improving the looks and functionality of new products raises your value proposition.