What is Laser Cutting?
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What is Laser Cutting?

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Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process where the cut is made using an amplified light beam – laser. A high-power laser is able to achieve high-quality results for metal cutting. Lasers can be used for any metalwork, including industrial applications.

Laser profiling is more precise and less energy-consuming than plasma cutting but is more limited when it comes to cutting thick materials.

Yuyin’s laser cutting service offers CO2 and fibre lasers. While both use concentrated laser beams, the beam generation process uses different mechanisms. Both technologies have certain advantages, making them useful in certain situations.

Online laser cutting platform:

Laser cutting online makes quick pricing possible. You can get an instant quote for your STP part file or DXF drawing. There’s no more need for detailed drawings. Thus, you can save a lot of time by skipping the drawings part of an engineer’s job.

Online laser cutting’s pricing algorithms make it possible to design things keeping cost in mind. Also, it helps you to see how the prices change for scaling up the production. Ordering from Fractory ends up with our algorithms choosing the best-suited manufacturing partner. The choice depends on a manufacturer’s availability, location, expertise, etc.

As our system knows all this info, we can reduce lead times, provide competitive prices and find a manufacturer with the right expertise for any project.

The main advantages of laser cutting:

Great flexibility – One sheet may have 100 different cuts without having to change tools. Also, it is possible to cut all kinds of intricate shapes.

Precision – Accuracy of+/- 0.1 mm for laser cut parts gives the possibility to really cater to your most demanding needs. This kind of precision also ensures high quality.

Repeatability – +/- 0.05 mm ensures close to identical details.

Speed – Laser cutters are known for their speed, especially when cutting thin metal sheets.

Saves money – The machines are getting more energy efficient. Shuttle tables reduce the need for handling which means less need for manual labour. Smaller manufacturing costs result in lower total costs for the buyer.

Saving time – Laser cutting is automated. Therefore, it is the machinery that reads the drawings. The drawings only need to include cutting lines. This saves a lot of time in the drawing-room.

Small areas of HAZ – The heat affected zone is an unwanted byproduct of thermal cutting methods. As laser cutting has a small cutting kerf, the heat is not dispersed as heavily as with other cutting methods, leaving a smaller HAZ.